Jo Jo Dog Food Meaty Chunks In Gravy

Jo Jo Dog Food Meaty Chunks In Gravy

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JO-JO Premium Adult food is made with carefully selected ingredients to promote strong teeth and bones and to help develop a strong immune system., JO-JO Premium 400g, With Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. FEEDING GUIDE: Recommended rations for a healthy adult dog: Weight of dog Cans per day 3-9kg 1-2 10-15kg 2 1/4-23/4 16-25kg 3-4 Recommended rations for a healthy puppy:, Depends on puppy’s age and size. Please read label for further details., As a rule of thumb, up until three months of age puppies should be fed four, times daily. From three to six months they can be fed three times daily., From six to 10 months, they should be fed twice a day.

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