Molfix ComfortFix Diapers Size 3 (36)

Molfix ComfortFix Diapers Size 3 (36)

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Introducing dry and soft hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, Made in Turkey Molfix premium diaper for your treasured baby’s soft and sensitive skin. The sides are nicely elasticated with cotton to avoid spillage while ensuring maximum comfort.
Molfix Diapers are cottony soft inside and out and has a channeled inner liner that helps keep messes under control. Molfix Diaper is available in small, economy and Jumbo packs.Order yours today

Key Features

  • Diaper Size: 3 Baby.
  • Count: 36
  • Multiple layers of absorbent material
  • Nicely elasticated with cotton to avoid spillage
  • Comfortable, very cottony inside
  • Keeps messes under contro
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