Plastic Shisha Pot Hookah S/S

Plastic Shisha Pot Hookah S/S

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Silicon Hookah Pot

The hookah is a basic hookah, which includes all the basic accessories for smoking hookah ; tweezers with which to manipulate our coal, ceramic or pot in which to place our shisha tobacco, ideal hookah hose to give tasty smokes to our shisha and full hookah body.
This shisha is ideal to start in the world of shisha for a low cost, they are classic water pipes or shishas, ??of all life at the best price.
This model stands out for all its parts made of silicone and plastic or PVC , ideal for smoking outside the home.
it is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean, and store away, making it the perfect hookah to take on the road.
This hookah including hookah bottle, hookah base, hookah Stem, plate, hose, silicone bowl.
It is an ideal size for transport, comfort and ease of preparation and cleaning.
If you are looking to buy a cheap hookah online , at the best price and save money on your purchase , this is a good choice, because for a very affordable price we can buy a basic set to start smoking hookah or shisha.
Available in various colors, all accessories are included in the same tones.

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